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What is 5-ALA?

Essential for Plants Healthy Growth

5-ALA (5- Aminolevulinic Acid) is one of the important amino acids existing in plants and animals.

In plants it is a structural element of chlorophyll which is an essential substance for photosynthesis to produce energy that plants use for their healthy growth.

Plants that are given the right amount of 5-ALA would increase the amount of chlorophyll and enhance their ability to photosynthesize.

It is also used as an additive to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fish and shellfish feed.

Forest Trees

Clean and safe to environment

5- ALA is the amino acid taken into plants body and supports their inner power to enhance healthy growth without damaging living organisms or soil.

Instead of taking chemical synthesis method, 5-ALA in our product is manufactured by microbial fermentation method which is well established through Japanese traditional fermented food like soy sauce and miso. Selected photosynthetic bacteria are used to produce 5-ALA in a clean and safe environment. These pure 5-ALA is manufactured at Neopharma Japan and is used for pharmaceuticals and health foods and supplements.

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