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How does it work?

5-ALA is a unit of porphyrin. With magnesium ion (Mg+) it works as chlorophyll for photosynthesis.

Efficient photosynthesis will lead to boost natural power of plants and improve and increase of productivity, enhance fertiliser efficiency, increase sugar content of fruits, and improve environmental tolerance of the plants.

It also plays an important role in mitochondria which supports the electronic transmission system to deliver energy.

Plants that are given the right amount of 5-ALA would increase the amount of chlorophyll and enhance their ability to photosynthesize.

5-ALA improve agricultural production without damaging living organisms or soil.

Seedlings in Pots

What 5-ALA can do for your farm

Organic Carrots


produce and quality

5-ALA can increase photosynthetic capacity and enhance plants growth, increase seedling survival rate and dry matter to improve yield. Vegetables and fruits grow bigger and sweeter.



nutrients intake

5-ALA can increase hem and enhance Nitric Acid Reduction to encourage nutrients to improve plants growth.



environmental tolerance 

5-ALA can increase plants' tolerance to poor environment conditions (eg low-temperature, less sunlight, drought, salinity)

Trial on strawberry seedlings 


Trial on blue gum seedlings 


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